Stripes on marshmallows...

Today I wore a skirt I got from Jana, one of my best friends. It's a pale yellow high-waisted skirt with a pleaded border on the bottom of the skirt. The colour really reminds me of yummy, fluffy marshmallows. I matched it with my new cardigan I got yesterday. It only cost me 8 euros. It's red and white striped, totally love it, now I can sail away with a little boat. My necklace is a locket with a drawing of Alice in wonderland "Alice looks for the key". I totally love it, I bought it at www.ilovevintage.nl, that's a site from holland with vintage as well as new stuff. The new jewelry is really sweet. You should all really check it out! If you look close to the picture of my necklace, you can see a bit of Betty Boop peeping through my shirt :). Photobucket

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