La france "1"

Finally some pictures from my holiday in France. This is just part 1 of the pictures, I still haven't got all of them. We had such an amazing view, it was to die for. The location was so peacefull and relaxing. The only thing we could see was green and animals. It sure was "A room with a view".
I really enjoyed the atmosphere in France. The beautiful monuments, fountains and the most beautiful merry-go-round that I've ever seen.
On the 14th of july, we went to Bordeaux to celebrate the National Holiday of France. For that occasion all the army and navy boys came out in their perfect little uniforms. It's ovious that these things are still very important to France. Bordeaux is such a cozy and warm city. Because of the National Holiday there was fireworks, which was along the waterside, what made it even more beautiful. The french really are the best if you want to see beautiful fireworks.
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Because of the nice weather, we could sit outside every night just enjoying the view, drinking wine and playing cards.
Be tuned for part "2"

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