Treasure hunt !!

I've been looking for a muff (handwarmer) quite a while now. The ones I would find would be like 30€ and I didn't want to spend so much money on it. Now yesterday I went shopping in my favourite secondhand store. I was rummaging through the purses. Between all the purses was this black furry thing, but when I looked closer I noticed that it was a muff. The excitement was big, but then I discovered that it was a purse at the same time, that off course made my day !!! It's a black one, and I think it's fake fur, but as long as it's secondhand fur, I don't mind having it, I just don't want new fur, because there's plenty of secondhand items. The price was 4€ but because the zipper was stuck, it didn't open, I got it for 1€. So now I have to try and fix the zipper, but with a bit of oil it should do the trick. Too bad it ain't winter now :) so I can't use it as a muff for a while. But I can use it as a purse :) thank you double function items !!

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