Home sweet home

I'm back from France. It was really fun, nice weather, bbq all the time, glasses of wine and a nice view. What more do you want on holiday. We went to Bordeaux for the National Holiday of France, which I dressed myself in red, blue and white for, if you're gonna celebrate you have to do it right. That night we saw the most amazing fireworks ever, it lasted about 25 min. We also went to the beach to a town called Arcachon. That was the most beautiful town I've ever seen in France. There were the most amazing 50s / 60s beachhouses ever. And we saw 2 second hand shops which is never a bad thing. We also went to little towns like Bazas, Langon. In bazas I bought a very nice hat for only 8€, it's in mint condition, even the veil is perfectly intact. We also went kayaking, and to my surprise I did very well for the first time. My sister and me did a great job in our kayak. Pictures will come later, haven't uploaded any of them. Au revoir France, Hallo BelgiĆ«

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